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Golf courses

The golf course rating is the average of all the ratings posted about that golf course, plus our  GOLFBOO formula.

Golf package

 The golf package rating is the average of the ratings of each golf course and the hotel included in that package, plus our GOLFBOO formula.

Golf destination

 The golf destination rating is the average of the ratings of the top 10 golf courses (exceeding all 9 hole courses and pitch & putts) located in that destination, plus our GOLFBOO formula. We have excluded all 9 hole courses and pitch & putts when evaluating a destination, as we believe in offering the golfer as precise a rating as possible on a real 18 hole golfing experience. 



The  GOLFBOO formula takes into account the total amount of reviews by using statistical formulas as the standard deviation, to ensure that the golf course rating is as realistic as possible. We believe that if a golf course has 1 review with a rating of 9, it cannot compare with a golf course that has 20 reviews with an average rating of 9. Our formula takes this into account and gives this fact more importance and preference when calculating the final rating.



Golf courses are rated by the golfer filling in the following review:


Tour Operator Ratings


The system to calculate the rating for our Tour Operators takes into account the following six criteria: Type of Connection, Average Package Rating, Number of Packages, Number of Enquiries, Response Time and Conversion Rate.

The scoring for each criteria varies depending on its importance according to GOLFBOO. Each Tour Operator will be given a total rating out of 10, which is taken by adding up their score from each criteria. The maximum points assigned to each criteria are as follows:

 -Type of connection -> 1

- Average package rating -> 2

-Number of packages -> 1

-Number of enquiries ->2

-Response time -> 3

-Conversion rate -> 1


Type of connection

This is based on the integration of golf packages on to our international platform. This score is simply calculated based on the type of connection that a Tour Operator has with GOLFBOO

The following points will be awarded to Tour Operators, based on the type of connection:

- XML -> 1

- API -> 0.7

- Excel (Manual) -> 0.4

- Web -> 0

Tour Operators who possess an XML feed or API connection means that their packages can be automatically uploaded on to our platform quickly and easily with very little manual input, hence why they will receive the highest points. If any changes are made on the tour operator’s website, they will be automatically reflected on GOLFBOO too, meaning all golf packages are live. However, the lowest points will be awarded for those whose connections are not automatic. Excel spreadsheets require a lot of input from both the tour operator and our computer programmers, and every change must be dealt with manually. If our computer programmers have to access the Tour Operators website directly and manually upload each package one by one, 0 points will be awarded.


Average Package Rating

This takes the average package rating of the tour Operator and compares it against all of the Tour Operators in the league table, giving another average score. How we calculate the rating of a package is simple. We take the ratings of all of the golf courses included in the package and combine this with the rating with the hotel(s). We then take an average of all of these components to give an overall score for the golf package.


Number of Packages

We have calculated that the average number of packages that a Tour Operator possesses is around 80-90. The maximum points in this criteria will be awarded for Tour Operators who have over 300 packages on our international platform. From there, the points will be spread out evenly, depending on the number of packages the operator has.


Number of enquiries

This criteria is out of a total of 2 points. The maximum points for this category will be awarded to the Tour Operator who has received the highest number of golf package enquiries on GOLFBOO. The points will then be awarded accordingly, depending on how many enquiries the Tour Operator has compared to the Tour Operator who receives the highest number of package enquiries. For example, if Tour Operator A has 100 golf package enquiries – which would be the highest – and Tour Operator B has 50 enquiries, Tour Operator B will only receive 1 point.


Response Time

Here at GOLFBOO, we do not want our clients to be waiting around for a reply from tour operators. Therefore, the maximum of 3 points will be awarded to Tour Operators who, on average, reply to our clients in less than 24 hours. This average will be taken from the previous 10 enquiries that a Tour Operator receives from us, and the points will be awarded accordingly.


Conversion rate

The number of points here are calculated by the number of enquiries that a Tour Operator receives on GOLFBOO, divided by the number of confirmed packages. For example, if a Tour Operator has received 10 package enquiries, and 8 of these get purchased by our clients, they will be awarded with 0.8 points.  

Finally, the best performing and most efficient Tour Operator based on these six criteria will be at the top of the  GOLFBOO Tour Operator Leaderboard. Other Tour Operators will then be ranked in descending order, based on their rating out of 10.   



GOLFBOO points system

A booer may reach 4 different levels in  golfboo.com:

1. Caddy (0-749 strokes)

2. El jugador (750-2.249 strokes)

3. rasguño (2250-5249 strokes)

4. Maestro (5250 + strokes)

The higher the level a booer reaches, the more credibility and value a boeer’s reviews will obtain, hence earning more rewards from the online community.


The golfboo.com strokes system for booers:

  • To ‘‘like’’  another booer’s review: 5  stroke
  • To receive a ‘‘like’’ from another booer for your review: 2 0 strokes
  • To upload a photo: 20 strokes
  • To perform a review completing only the obligatory fields: 50 strokes
  • To  perform a review completing all the fields:  100 strokes
  • To have your review validated by the golf course: 150 strokes

The golfboo.com team will monitor all reviews and photos uploaded, before being officially published on golfboo.com. Once your photos or reviews are approved by the GOLFBOO Team you shall receive the points.

Apart from these 4 levels, golfboo.com also has 2 more:

  • GolfWriter. Journalists who professionally review golf courses. 
  • GolfPro. Golf pros who review golf courses.

In both cases it is necessary to send golfboo.com official certification to be registered as such on the online platform.