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GOLFBOO is a platform and search engine aiming to revolutionise the game of golf. We want to become the one stop shop for everything golf, which is why we offer almost 6000 golf packages provided by over 50 tour operators! Finding your ideal golf holiday could not be any easier with some of the best golf resorts catering for all needs such as family golf. Whether you are looking for a specific resort with a hotel, golf course or clubhouse fit for royalty or just a cheap vacation, we have you covered! So what are you waiting for? Check out our products and make a golf booking today!

Curating the best packages to find the perfect golf vacation

Organising a holiday can be the most stressful thing ever, and nobody has time for stress! This is where our fantastic packages come into action. Each holiday package within the GOLFBOO collection has been specially put together, meaning that all you need to do is pick the one most suited to you. Each golf hotel, golf course and price is picked with you in mind, so you can expect some great deals from some of the top golf resorts. To find out what services each offer includes, hover over the picture of the golf course with your cursor, you will find that many are suitable for family golfers. If you want to know more about the deal or golf bookings, then just click 'more info' under the course's rating.

How to refine golf package and find your holiday destination. Compare with GOLFBOO today!

If you are wanting to be more specific with your hunt for the most fitting vacation, then you should make full use of the fantastic GOLFBOO website design. Simple, modern and powerful, our system means that comparing between golf products is a breeze. To refine your search, simply use the left side bar with various options such as choosing the amount of nights for a hotel, golf rounds, and the price for the resort. Alongside this, you can process the selection by package or hotel ratings given by our fantastic users, which hopefully makes your final golf book decision a tad easier.

Tailoring your ideal holidays by whether you want a specific hotel, course or destination

Our nice packages are carefully fashioned for you, the GOLFBOO user. Our system enables easy comparing between a large selection of providers, so that you can find your ideal holiday in just a few clicks. We know that everyone has different tastes, which is why we offer great diversity with each resort package having different services, some with their own golfing hotels, golf clubhouses or even spas. Furthermore, some of our top golf destinations have perfect packages for golf lovers’ families. If this product is not what you are looking for, then make sure to check out the other services we have such as our tee times which you can purchase with us. Make your life easier and join GOLFBOO to make your golf booking now!