Golf in Shipley

2 courses
156 reviews
With a total of 2 courses included in the region, Shipley has 132 reviews (out of a total of 114,329 reviews are in GOLFBOO) receiving a score 7.9. Currently this offers us 5 golf holidays. Golf courses in Shipley have a total of 7 miles in length consist of 36 holes distributed across 2 courses of 18 holes. In the region in addition you have available 25 hotels close to the courses.
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  • Baildon Golf Club
    An enjoyable day in the rough!!
    This is not an easy course but it is fun and frustrating in equal measure. First of all it is set right in the middle and top third of Baildon Moor. The wind fairly whips along. The fairways are generous but the rough is punishing. It is set in a large area of otherwise public land. The benefit of this means you don't get the standard parallel fairways. The downside means no buggies allowed. Some really interesting holes but for a high handicapper like me I found it tough. The views however are spectacular. Think Wuthering Heights.....with golf. The rough is Heathcliffe. Made up of moor grass and heather it both makes the course and is its greatest challenge. Straight drives are a must. The staff were extremely friendly. The course drains very well and you can generally play proper greens all the way round. That said the greens were not the best. They are fast and challenging but a bit bobbly. People here clearly don't repair their pitch marks which is a real shame. The wind can destroy your normal club selection strategy and players with a naturally low trajectory will do better here. A bit like a Lynx course with heather instead of Gorse. Bunkers were a bit bare. Guess the sand blows away. I would play it again but in a year when my handicap has (hopefully) come down a bit.
    Baildon Golf Club
    8.0 / 10 stars
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  • Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel & Country Club
    Lovely Hotel Course
    immaculate greens and fairways. Good varied interesting mix of holes. Stunning views of Yorkshire landscape. Only downside is, like a lot of hotel courses, some of the tees and greens are far apart. A buggy is £20 and makes the course less demanding.
    Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel & Country Club
    9.3 / 10 stars
    this review is the subjective opinion of a GOLFBOO user and not of GOLFBOO S.L