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Out of 5 courses in the area, Scarborough comprises of 126 reviews (out of a total of 114,461 reviews are in GOLFBOO) receiving a rating 8.3. Golf courses in Scarborough stretch to a total of 16 miles have in excess of 72 holes distributed across 3 golf courses of 18 holes and 2 of 9 holes. In the region also you have available 89 hotels close to the golf courses.
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  • Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club
    Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club – A Packaged Trip
    Just returned from a 'packaged trip' for golf, food and accommodation at Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club – 4 days in total. The Course. Firstly, the course (the most important bit) was excellent, a real surprise. There aren't really any particularly weak holes. When you go over the road (holes 4 - 10), they really are excellent, with views up and down the coastline. It can be a testing course, particularly if the wind is up. Having said that, there is a score to be made if you play sensibly and put the ball in the right places. The greens and fairways were in excellent condition at the time of our visit (September 2013). Another member of our party had visited a few years ago and, he thought the course had really been developed / manicured since his last visit. Accommodation / Food. In a bid to make up a 'package' for visiting golfers, the Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club had struck up a deal (on our visit) with the university (situated just to side of the 2nd hole) for the golfers to stop in the halls of residence accommodation. The rooms are single with en-suite shower room. The rooms aren't the biggest, and there isn't a TV, so be prepared to stay out. Breakfast is provided in the university canteen. The breakfast itself is a buffet, which again was excellent. The food at the clubhouse is OK. I think they have a contract for the food. The service wasn't particularly great – you almost felt as though you were putting them out at times (sorry, but this was the general view of most of the visiting party). This is why I put a 7 only for customer service. One thing to consider, there is a bar onsite, but my impression was one of the staff running the bar weren't to keen on the golfers using it – it would be fair to say, on our visit, they seemed somewhat 'put-out' and not particularly friendly towards us. Having said that, we were only the 2nd set of golfers to try out this format, so maybe they'll get used to it in time! Overall, I would give the course an excellent 9. It would have been a 10, but, if I am being picky, they were doing some maintenance (drainage etc.) in places whilst were there and, there were some dug up areas etc.
    Scarborough South Cliff Golf Club
    9.0 / 10 stars
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