Golf in Luz

2 courses
47 reviews
With a total of 2 courses in the area, Luz has 41 reviews (of which a total of 114,329 ratings are in GOLFBOO) achieving a score 6.3. Currently this creates for us 7 golf packages. Golf courses in Luz have a total of 7 miles in length have in excess of 36 holes distributed across 2 courses of 18 holes. In this region in addition you have available 41 hotels near to the courses.
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1 Espiche Golf Club 15 7.4 Enquire
2 Parque da Floresta 32 7.3 Enquire
  • Espiche Golf Club
    A fun day out in the sun
    I visit the Algarve every summer with family but it is the first time that I play at Espiche. Interesting that it was just opened a couple of years ago, because it does not feel like it. Views are soo good, and the weather was incredible - if anything a bit too hot! Fairways were not too narrow, so I could really go for it off the tee on a few holes, especially on the longer holes: 10 and 17. The clubs 19-hole burger wasnt bad either! I remember it being pretty cheap too :-)
    Espiche Golf Club
    7.9 / 10 stars
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  • Espiche Golf Club
    Amazing golfing experience
    What a course! I really enjoyed my time at Espiche Golf Club, The lay out is very unique and the holes comprise amazing and challenging features. Also, the clubhouse is great and has numerous of facilities. I definitely recommend this place to any golf lovers!
    Espiche Golf Club
    9.5 / 10 stars
    this review is the subjective opinion of a GOLFBOO user and not of GOLFBOO S.L