Golf in Knutsford

5 courses
148 reviews
Out of 5 golf courses in the region, Knutsford has 129 reviews (of which a total of 114,289 ratings are in GOLFBOO) achieving a rating 7.9. Golf courses in Knutsford have a playing length of 19 miles consist of 81 holes spread across 4 golf courses of 18 holes and 1 of 9 holes. In this area also there are 47 hotels close to the golf courses.
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  • Wilmslow Golf Club
    This championship course is fabulous! It is very obvious that many famous golf architects have designed different features over the years and have created what we can call a masterpiece! With it’s parkland style and challenging holes, your golfing ability will be tested all along, starting with the first hole, which is the toughest in my opinion. The condition is always perfect and the staff are very professional. The atmosphere is great; I got along with many English golfers that I still keep in touch with today. I recommend this course to all golfers with experience due to the obstacles and challenges throughout the course
    Wilmslow Golf Club
    9.9 / 10 stars
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