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With almost 1000 golf courses that are home to around 500,000 affiliated golfers, golf in Germany is as popular as ever. The rapid rate of growth in the popularity of the game over the past few years across the whole country has revolutionised the previously 'members only' policy of the golf courses - in the past, in order to play on the majority of courses you had to have a Platzreife license which involved a lot of training however now you just need proof of your handicap and in some cases affiliation to a foreign club.

Germany is home to some fantastic golf courses and, in combination with the beautiful natural landscape and scenery; it's the perfect place for a golf holiday.

Unlike other popular golfing destinations like Spain and Portugal, Germany doesn't have a particular region that is renowned for its golfing pedigree. The majority of the best courses are located near the big cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich making them easily accessible by public transport and giving you sights to see whilst you're not on the golf course.

Despite no longer meeting the requirements needed to host professional tournaments, Hamburger Golf Club is still known as one of the best in the country. The zigzagging structure of the beautiful course is just one of the idiosyncratic characteristic that makes the golf club what it is! Originally opened at a different site in 1906, the course was moved to its current location in Flakenstein in 1930. Most of the original layout remained but the designer ended up making a few changes in the 1960's in order to keep up its reputation. Perhaps the most famous day in the clubs history came in 1981 when German golfing legend Bernhard Langer became the first German to win on home soil at the German Open.

A newer course which has caught the eye is the Niedersachsen course at Hardenberg Golf Club halfway between Frankfurt and Hanover. The course was the brainchild of David Krause, who had previously helped RTJ at Valderrama, and opened for play in 2004. Krause has masterminded more than twenty courses, and in our view, this is one of his best!

The course is probably most famous for the par three 11th; it's an island green which is shaped like the head of a boar which is shown on the Hardenberg family crest!

What you do away from the golf really depends on what part of the country you decide to go to, although Germany boasts one of the best public transport systems in Europe so if you want to see or do something on the other side of the country it can be easily done.

Bavaria is home to the German stereotype of beer and ledehosens but there really is so much more to German culture. It's such a diverse country - it's easy to forget that it's less than 25 years ago that East and West Germany reunited. Sport plays a massive part of Germany's culture and the whole country is football mad! Try and get along to a Bundesliga game if you have the time - the ticket prices are relatively cheap and, shown by that fact that Bayern Munich won the 2012/13 Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund, the quality is first-class!

Getting into and around Germany is so easy. There are several international airports spread over the whole country that connect with other major European cities daily. As mentioned before, the public transport system is brilliant but we'd also recommend renting a car (or driving your own car from home) as the Autobahns are great fun!

Golf holidays in Germany are a real treat; combining quality golf courses, beautiful surroundings and so much to do and see. Take a look at the first class golf holiday packages available on our website and take one step closer to your perfect golf break!

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Bavaria - Bayern 231 8.6
Schleswig-Holstein 72 8.5
Baden - Württemberg 122 8.4
Lower Saxony and Bremen 116 8.4
Nordrhein-Westfalen 200 8.2
Thüringen 10 8.1
Mecklenburg Vorpommern 30 7.7
Rheinland Pfalz 29 7.6
Sachsen-Anhalt 5 7.3
Brandenburg 28 7.3
Hesse 27 7.0
Berlin 13 6.9
Hamburg 11 6.7
Sachsen 20 6.4
Saarland 4 5.2
  • Golf-Club Homburg/Saar Websweiler Hof e.V.
    Schöne Bahn, Kurzplatz und Driving Range top
    Golf-Club Homburg/Saar Websweiler Hof e.V.
    10 / 10 stars
    this review is the subjective opinion of a GOLFBOO user and not of GOLFBOO S.L
  • Golfclub Reichsstadt Bad Windsheim e.V.
    Wide fairways - but nothing more
    An evaluation as #2 of the Federal State is totally unrealistic. The place has gotten absolutely too little water. Too many bald spots in all areas. The place itself is classes otherwise through the wide strips for all Handicap very well.
    Golfclub Reichsstadt Bad Windsheim e.V.
    6.0 / 10 stars
    this review is the subjective opinion of a GOLFBOO user and not of GOLFBOO S.L
  • Golf Club St. Leon-Rot - Rot
    A dream
    To highlight the entire plant with gorgeous practice facilities for all stroke variations - can't do it better. Maintained fairways, watering during the day, fast directional of Greens and not forgetting very friendly staff throughout the complex.
    Golf Club St. Leon-Rot - Rot
    9.5 / 10 stars
    this review is the subjective opinion of a GOLFBOO user and not of GOLFBOO S.L