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Out of 2 courses which are in the region, Faversham has 81 opinions (out of which 114,327 opinions are in GOLFBOO) receiving a score 7.7. Golf courses in Faversham have a playing length of 7 miles consist of 36 holes arranged across 2 courses of 18 holes. In the area in addition you have at your disposal 42 hotels near to the courses.
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1 Boughton Golf Club 105 8.1 Enquire
2 Faversham Golf Club 24 8.1 Enquire
  • Faversham Golf Club
    Nice course. ‘But’ there is just that something missing.
    I was looking forward to playing Faversham golf course, but didn’t know how I felt after now playing there. Set in lovely woodlands, lovely club house, modern but with a, real old school members only, but we will allow you to play feel, the sun was shining, a little wind, all makes for a great game, but what is that troubling feeling I came away with? Great with just about everything, But????? So I have had to think about it. On pulling up straight away can see this is a quality set up, really nice looking club house. Us non-members visitors have separate parking, which strangely I like as it makes you feel the club is special. On looking for the pro shop, clearly looking lost, a member (I assume) came over couldn't have been nicer, guiding us in the right direction. In there the young chap, very helpful, polite and took great care and time to answer our questions. Can’t fault it at all. Had a look for the practice area but seemed far away down a track so didn’t pursue that one. Now remember Take Plenty of Balls is about the everyday average weekend golfer. So off we go to the 1st tee. Looking down range “This a little snug I thought” with tree lines on both sides, so if you don’t hit it fairly straight from time to time you’re in for a long day. Some have said that this is a challenging course. I would say, anyone who hits the ball straightish wouldn’t have too many issues here. I think this is where that, ‘But’ feeling comes in. Now the course it’s self was in great condition, set in lovely parkland, the greens are big and well-kept, but the course as a whole, just wasn’t exciting. It doesn’t ???????????? you. The course weaves its way through some beautiful woodlands, but some of the tree lined fairways don’t leave not much room for bad errors. But simple enough to solve, just tone it down and I think that was part of the ‘But’ feeling, nothing to stop you doing this, to make you think Ok tone it down but beware. It doesn’t test you enough. Can’t think of any risk reward elements or being overly worried and thinking need to watch out for that, or place it there to avoid this. No bunkers where you think ‘I really need to stay away from that little puppy’ Other than tree lines, little to catch you out. You feel, if I can drive this straightish I’m ok on the 2nd or 3rd shot, on to the green. Once on the well-kept greens there are a few breaks, twists and turns here and there, but again simple to read. Play there again and I would now think, don’t worry about where to aim for on the green, because it won’t be too hard to put away from where ever. It just needs something to elevate the challenge, to make you think I’ll put the driver away from time to time and think about this. To think where are you going to place the next shot. Compared to say, Lydd (of which I have absolutely no affiliation) where the course there is a real test, you have to think on every shot just about, club, lie up, go for it, what's there to catch you out, and gave me a kicking, but loved it. I still think of how I could have played this hole or that hole and spoke to others about this and that shot, that hidden bunker or lake or where you said I’m going for this, but fell foul. This I didn’t feel anything like that. When home I was asked “how was the game”? “Nice course, what’s for tea”, and that's it, sadly you well forget the round quickly enough. This I found was that ‘But’ feeling, overall a nice round, just a bland course and this is a shame as it sits in such a brilliant setting and so well maintained. Value for money. I think at £38 a round, this is simply too much. We didn’t see many people on the course given the day and time which was surprising and begs the question. The twilight rate would be worth the money, and would play again at that price. Take Plenty Of Balls? If you’re not a fairly straight striker of the ball then yes, take a good few.
    Faversham Golf Club
    7.0 / 10 stars
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