Golf in Congleton

2 courses
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Out of 2 courses in the region, Congleton comprises of 55 ratings (out of which 114,278 opinions are in GOLFBOO) receiving a score 8.8. Golf courses in Congleton have a total of 7 miles in length have a total of 27 holes spread across 1 course of 18 holes and 1 of 9 holes. In this area in addition there are 32 accommodations close to the courses.
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1 Astbury (Congleton) Golf Club 107 9.1 Enquire
  • Astbury (Congleton) Golf Club
    Having lived near this course for all of my life, it seems fair to give it the review it deserves. The course is exemplary and really is a pleasure to play on. Greens are well maintained and true and I can honestly say that I've never been let down by them. The staff are a credit to the club and the location is beautiful even if I do say so myself. Astbury itself is a lovely little village and the surrounding Cheshire countryside is beautiful. Yes I may be biased but this is a great course and one that I will continue to visit even when I move out of the area. Highly recommended.
    Astbury (Congleton) Golf Club
    9.0 / 10 stars
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