Golf in Chaves

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Out of a total of 1 golf course included in the area, Chaves has 4 reviews (out of which 114,289 reviews are in GOLFBOO). This offers us 9 golf packages. Golf courses in Chaves stretch to a total of 5578 yards consist of 9 holes spread across 1 golf course of 9 holes. In this region in addition you have available 21 accommodations close to the golf course.
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1 Vidago Palace Golf Course 5 6.8 Enquire
  • Vidago Palace Golf Course
    Absolutely mind-blown
    What a fantastic course. One of the best I have ever played without a shadow of a doubt. Combined my golf with a stay in the Vidago Palace hotel, and this is without a doubt the best hotel i've ever stayed in. The place is a real hidden gem and certainly somewhere that will attract hundreds more visitors in the future. The course was fit for the Queen to play on (not that she plays golf, but you know what I mean) and was very challenging for myself and my playing partner. We both put in steady performances with sub -90 scores, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I will definitely be back, and quite frankly I cannot wait!
    Vidago Palace Golf Course
    8.9 / 10 stars
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