Salems Golfklubb - 9-holes

Högantorpsvägen 100, 152 95 Södertälje, Sweden

  • holes:9
  • par: 35 35
  • length: 2.700 m 2.290 m
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  • holes:9
  • slope: 122 112
  • year:1993
  • par: 35 35
  • length: 2.700 m 2.290 m

Salems Golfklubb - 9-holes is one of the top golf courses located in the city of  Södertälje, in the county of  Stockholm in the south of  Sweden.

In 1993, construction of the course began and the first nine holes were completed 3 years later. Due to many visits by guests, the club decided to expand into an 18-hole course.  Hence, in 1996 the 18-hole course was finished and ready for play.

The rest of the facilities were built in the following years, including the clubhouse which was constructed in 2002. This building was laid upon 1000 square metres of land and possesses conference meeting facilities and rooms with the capability of hosting events for up to 150 guests. Moreover, there is an office, a golf store and lockers rooms with sauna.

At the present, Salem Golf Club has 27 holes divided into two courses - one has 18 holes and the other has 9 holes. These tracks are considered to be two of the best golf courses in Sweden and in 2001 the club was nominated for golf club of the year.

In addition, the club has had the honoured of hosting three major Nordic competitions for men, such as the Telia Tour Open in 2006, the Telia Masters in 2007 and the SAS Masters Tour in 2009.

One of the top golf courses in the area, Salems Golfklubb - 9-holes consists of:

  • 9 brilliant holes
  • A par of 36
  • A maximum distance of 2658 metres.

The 9-hole course is a beautiful course set in a stunning environment surrounded by trees and is a natural habitat for a variety of animals. This track is suitable for all levels of golfers and can be a very good warm up before heading to the main course.

With its immaculate greens, generous fairways and many obstacles such as bunkers, this course will require you to play at your best. The condition of the course is always perfect, which is in large part due to the maintenance team checking it regularly  

There is a golf pro shop run by Peter Bäckbom in the clubhouse, where you can buy tailor-made clubs in the outdoor environment studio. You can take golf lessons which are taught by Mr Bäckbom either individually or as a group. These lessons can be taken outside or in the studio if you would like to refine a specific area of your game such as your golfswing.

Within the golf resort, there is an array of accommodation options with single and double rooms and the club is included in a range of golf packages.

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