Golf di Franciacorta

Via Provinciale 34/B, 25040 Nigoline di Corte Franca, Italy

  • holes:18
  • par: 72 72
  • length: 6.005 m
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9.3 11 Reviews This Club is the 1# of 8 in Desenzano del Garda
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  • holes:18
  • slope: 131
  • par: 72 72
  • length: 6.005 m
  • architect:Pete Dye & Marco Croze

Golf di Franciacorta, inaugurated in 1986, is a 27-hole golf course situated in the heart of Friancacorta and is one of the top golf courses in the region of Brescia. Set in the morainic hills, it is in the centre of a golfing hub in  LombardyItaly where there are 44 golf courses within the area. This course is beautifully maintained and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable game of golf and is a must-see for any keen golfer.

This course is set with everything a golfer would need:

  • there are 27-holes, split up into 3 9-hole courses and you can combine any two courses to make a perfect round of golf. There is the Brut, Saten and Rosè courses to choose from. The main course is the Championship course, which is the Brut and Saten course and is a par-73 course over 5.921m and has a slope of 132/131. The Rosè course is a 9-hole, par-34 which covers 2.593m and makes for an equally enjoyable game of golf
  • played at 185 metres above sea level, you can see the surrounding vineyards of Brescia and each hole is surrounded by mini forests, making this course seamlessly blend in to it’s natural surroundings
  • the architects of the Brut and Saten courses Marco Croze and Pete Dye, along with Fulvio Bani, the architect of the Rosè, made the smoothly-winding holes that run along the lake perfect for a blissful game of golf that is a joy to play. It is clear that they also took into consideration the ‘personality’ of every hole when being designed
  • this course boasts very unique features because of this and there is stunning mix of green and birds that are amidst the forests making it a perfect mix of nature and sport.
  • including the courses, there is also a golf academy where you can get all your golf tips for beginners or practice your golf swings, and there is also a golfstore where you can buy all the best golf clubs. There is also a driving range, putting green and pitching green to get some good putting tips too.

The weather for golf in Franciacorta is perfect in the spring, summer and fall months, filled with sunshine which makes you want to get out on the course all day at one of the most famous golf courses in the region.

If you want to get off the golf course then there are plenty of things to do instead:

  • there is a beautiful restaurant in the club house where you can indulge in all of Brescia’s best cuisine, and a bar with plenty of wine from the surrounding vineyards so you can relax after a round of golf
  • if you want something a little different then you can choose from one of the two swimming pools, wellness premises and two tennis courts so all your needs are catered for
  • if you want to see the tourist spots then you can visit the vineyards in the area and see how great Italian wine is made, or even just relax in one of the many luxury hotels in the area

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    One of the most beautiful golf courses that we have played so far.There are three 9-hole courses: breeding and satin are very nice - the Rosé room is new and drops significantly in comparison.
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